3 mistakes students make when studying for CISI Exams

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3 mistakes students make when studying for CISI Exams

Throughout the years we’ve been teaching CISI, we’ve seen students make all sorts of mistakes. Three of these mistakes stand out because they can be the main reason students fail.

So, what are these mistakes and how can you avoid them?

Mistake #1: Not Giving It Enough Time

There’s no escape from it: you need to put it in the hours! Students who fail usually do because they start late, or they manage their study time badly (or both!).

We all have busy schedules and families to spend time with. One thing that successful students do is make it clear that exams are an important part of their careers, and they need to sacrifice a few hours every day for a few weeks to study (usually 3-4 weeks).

Mistake #2: Taking A Different Language Exam

This is particularly true for the Arab students who attend CISI training in English but decide to go for the exam in Arabic. That’s guaranteed to make you fail!

Before you start on your CISI learning journey, decide what language you want to study and take the exam in. We recommend you stick with English as you’ll find it easier to progress into over qualifications later in your career, but there’s no harm in taking the exams in Arabic or French (where available).

Mistake #3: Using Only One Medium of Learning

When you book your exam, CISI sends you the study workbook and gives you access to exam questions on CISI.org

For many students, these are enough for them to study and pass. But as an Accredited Training Partner (ATP) of CISI, Tadawul Academy has a massive library of study resources that can really help your chances with passing. These include hundreds of hours of videos, thousands of mock exam questions and continuous access to the tutor for the duration of your study. And the best news is, it’s all FREE!

If you’d like access to our e-learning platform (www.TadawulExams.com), just drop us a quick message on WhatsApp on this number (+971-56-2441942), and we’ll give you your free username and password.


Tadawul Academy is an Accredited CISI Training Partner delivers training in English and Arabic. You can learn more at www.tadawul.academy

Tadawul owns and operates the first bilingual learning portal for CISI in the world: www.TadawulExams.com

Tadawul delivers CISI training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Tadawul’s portfolio includes: CISI IISI, CISI ICWIM, CISI ICAWM, CISI IFQ, CISI Securities, CISI Risk, CISI Derivatives, and many more.


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